Redgage raffles are back.

I have been quite active since the day I joined Redgage about 4 months ago. For the first 2 months I was busy uploading contents and photos. My efforts paid off when Redgage featured 5 of my photos and paid me for it. Very soon I applied for a withdrawal of my earnings. Yes, one has to reach minimum $25.00 before withdrawal is possible.

With the withdrawal of $25.00 I get to receive a debit Visa card from Redgage too!. One and a half months wasn't all that long to wait. They sent the Visa card through courier service. I was quite surprised because the last 3 debit Mastercard I received from the US was "dump" into my letterbox! But my Visa card from Redgage was handed to me personally and I have to sign for it. This ought to be the proper way to do things. Redgage done all they promise they will do. They sent me the Visa card with my earnings already credited in. Mind you, they did mentioned they will deduct a first time fee of $5.00 which they promptly did, so my balance was $20.00.

My earnings was getting sluggish because Redgage stopped the raffles! But now the raffles are back ! Raffle is an important part in earning money faster. Without it, its a bit like Google ads where your earnings built up very slowly through page-views only.

Now that the raffles are back, I have bought a new camera to take more photos to be uploaded to Redgage and write more articles for uploading. Hopefully I can win one of those daily raffles of $25.00. I have not won a single raffle in the 4 months I joined Redgage, but I am determined to win at least one, hopefully.

If you want to find out more on this amazing site, read my earlier posts on Redgage. Or better still, join Redgage for FREE and start earning money and get a Free Visa debit card too!

Find out more or join Redgage .... here.

If for some reason you do not find any referral name in the sign-up box, please add in "allan2828" as your referral.


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