This week I received two payments which was credited instantly into my Paypal account. The first was $5.65 from Trekpay and another from Mylot, a social network site for $10.48. Total credited for this week was $16.13. Of course I have other payments from Neobux and Palmbux as usual but smaller sums of $2.00 and $4.00, so I shall not include these in.

My payment from Mylot of $10.48 this week into my paypal.
Mylot is a paying social network site which pays you for joining in discussions.

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Trekpay is a profit sharing ptc site unlike other ptc. You profit share according to your rank in the profit share scheme.You are paid weekly, once you have at least $5.50. Payment is through Paypal.

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These are 2 of the trusted sites worth joining and get paid. They are also FREE to join. If you are not yet a member, join to earn some free CASH !

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