Scam sites latest update.

Updated new developments on PTC sites.

Today's date is 5 th. September 2009

Several, new developments have emerged on the PTC sites I recommended on the PTC make money article I posted earlier. Read below the new issues and if you have join any one of those, take caution!

Watch list.
1. Qualitybux - has received numerous complaints on Qualitybux not paying members. PTC Investigations is about to put this site under their scam lists. Forums have not been able to logged in and questions about payments not answered.

2. Tuibux - has become or maybe becoming scam. Payments are not being paidout to members. Many have requested for their money. Forums not answered, admin has not been in the forum for a long time. Renred referrals has gone missing from accounts and not replaced .

3. Beachbux - has turn scam. Not paying members.

4. Cutebux- has not been paying out. Admin is "missing". A new admin says he is trying his best but he is not the real admin. Whatever that means.

5. BuxYou - cannot log in for 2 days, whether they have gone scam is anybody's guess.

6. Bux Service has not been paying members. The forum page has been spammed with "porn ads " and vulgar posts.

7. Buxify - is changing some of their TOS, not so favourable ones.

8. - still a scam site.

9. 10Bux - still a scam site.

10. - still a famous scam site.

Better News.

1. BP bux- starting to launch soon.

2. Yoobux - started.

3. Buxtro - new site looks promising for the time being.

4. Fillbux - started paying but still has many bugs.

5. Neobux is still paying good.

6. Palmbux - is still paying.

7. Trekpay - still strong and paying as promised.

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