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Everyone knows social networking sites are fun for discussions and the like. You can make friends, join in discussions, give advice and learn new things. But do you know you can earn some money by doing what you are already doing? There is such a site, probably some of you have not come across yet. It's called MyLot. It is sort of a discussion forum and networking site. People put up new discussions, join existing ones, make friends, find out things and lots more. And every time you do that, you get paid for it!

To be able to join in a discussion you will have to be a member. Don't worry membership is free but there are rules like any other networking sites that you have to follow. The usual stuff actually. To earn more money, you can even take up tasks available to you. You can get paid for writing a review, much like paid post or you can take up other task that do not require writing skills.

Why not ask your friends to join? By doing so, you will have more topics to discuss about. The more discussions, the more money. And you will also be paid referral earnings for introducing friends. If that sounds too good to be true, then you should take a look inside. Better still, join first, remember whatever questions you raised inside the discussion room, you are paid. The membership is FREE.
Payment is by Paypal once you reach $10. If you don't have one, you can sign up for one free here at Paypal.

Get paid for joining discussions, its that simple!

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Adsense is a good source of potential income if you are blogging to make money. Google Adsense has been around a long time and many people make quite a bit of money from their monetization concept. However, Adsense is a heavy weight and the rules are strict when you want to make money in Adsense. Some people dislike the fact that Adsense penalise make money bloggers for innocent click frauds. By this I mean, they are totally unaware that clicks were done on their blogs repeatedly by others. It can be very frustrating especially when you are out to make money and your are banned for click fraud. It may be your first month's money, and it can be a sizable amount. To have it all taken away is such a shame.

What can we do then to make money without an account with Adsense? There are alternatives fortunately for you to make money without the king of contextual advertisement. One such alternative is Bidvertiser.
More details here Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser . The good thing about how to make money from Bidvertiser is its minimum payout. If you think waiting for the Adsense's minimum $100 is too long, well with Bidvertiser, the minimum is only $10 and via Paypal, so you can have the money in sooner.

How about making more money with Bidvertiser? Easy, once you are a publisher, join up for their referral programs. Referral publisher earns $10 when a user signs up as a publisher and earns $10. If the same publisher makes $50, you will be credited with $40! How easy can it get? Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser is very easy.

If thats not enough, to make money with your blogs can also be achieved through Advertiser referrals. In this case when a user signs up and spends $10, you will earn $5.00. When the same advertiser spends another $50, you will be credited with $20!. Its that simple.
EBay campaigns such as Promote your eBay auctions with BidVertiser. Get $20 in FREE clicks. are available as text ads for you to copy and paste. They do everything else for you.

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