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How to make money with your blogs without scams will provide you with step by step instructions to make real money online. It is meant for beginners who haven't even got a clue of how to create a blog. This article will teach you how to create a blog in minutes, and how to add widgets, contents many other things that is required to get a blog start making money from day 1 itself. After you have followed these simple steps you will find yourself practically "glued" to your computer daily to check your earnings grow day by day, hour by hour.

There will be tips on what not to do when you are trying to earn money from this home business venture. This is particularly so when embarking on this sort of business. There are tons and tons of guides and instructions on topics such as this and a novice will to try every single tricks he can find to his new found wealth. But beware, for many of such "tricks" can be very harmful to your new business. It can even close down your new blog and thus your new home business in days if not hours! So instead of you falling into such traps and get yourself caught in situations of no return, it is crucial to know all this information beforehand.

What is a blog?
A blog is actually a web page or website if you like, that one creates and put it up on the internet world. There are few people offering free blog hosting. Remember before you can post any thing on the internet, you require a blog or a website. Two free blog hosting providers are Blogger and Wordpress. You don't have to pay for hosting your blog on the internet.

What is a Website?
A website is like a blog where you can put contents or advertise your products onto the world wide web. There are few distinct differences between a blog and a website.The most important is for a blog it's free and for a website, you have to pay (except those free hosting sites). Getting more into each will be discussed at later stages but fore now we only want a blog and start posting.

Now Creating a blog ...........

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