I went to bed and woke up the next day. Somebody paid me $4.83 last night. It was RedGage.
Now read the whole story.

What is RedGage?

RedGage is both a Social Networking site and a Social Bookmarking site. Redgage pay people for their online content that they are already doing online such as facebook, Youtube, twitter and Blogger.

RedGage pays based on the value of your content, measured by page views/popularity. They pay you for all of your blogs, pictures, videos, documents, and links. The things you are doing online, Redgage centralised all of them together and pays according to the number of page views. You get paid for visits, comments, votes and favourites.

How much will I be paid?

Well, its hard to define but they calculate based on Redgage Unique. Here is a quote of part of its payment methods.

"When you reach $25.00 in your available balance, you can withdraw your funds. You may also choose to let your earnings accumulate and withdraw funds in increments of $25.00 ($50, $75, etc). When you are ready to withdraw your money, RedGage will ask you for your contact information and send you a RedGage Visa Card. " ..end of quote.

Getting paid while I was asleep.

To better understand the effectiveness of this system, I joined 2 days ago. I updated my profile, posted my photos, upload all my blogs and my links yesterday. Within 1 hour, I had 2 friend request and 2 visitors. How much did I earn from this? My accounts page shows $0.01 cents. Its not much I know but it has started paying! I retired for bed after that.Well, uploading my profile picture can be tiring you know!

Today, I open up my Redgage account. I went to my page, I scroll down and on the right hand side I saw $4.83. Oh, darn, I am on somebody's page again. I change again to my profile page. I still see that $4.83. Strange I thought and saw my username there! What? I had 77 uploads and 27 friends? Just under that $4.83 its says I had 43 Unique Views! In just over 24 hours I earned a total of $4.83. Goodness, I had never ever earn that much in 1 day be it PTC sites, paid surveys or paid post from the time I went to bed and till now when I log in! But I did not do anything! All I did was uploading my blogs! I must tell every body about this. So here I am telling you this story.

See the proofs I have put here for yourself. You be the judge but you had better join this site I am telling you. By the way they pay you through their own debit Visa card which is faster.

Start you day now with RedGage and earn from day 1. Remember to put my referral id allan2828 ( It should be in the sponsor box already). If not just add it in.


  1. Ework 411  

    October 12, 2009 at 11:46 AM

    I think Redgage is pretty okay since like you stated, you are really getting paid for doing nothing except socializing occasionally; because it autofeeds your content into the program. I visit it occasionally, make a few new friends, and find some cool new sites I like. The money is just an added perk to me. I met you there, and we would probably have not ever noticed each other's blogs otherwise. I now have you blogrolled. Keep up the great work!

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