How to make money; many have ask this question. How to make money from sites such as ptc and whether it can be one? You hear scams abound when you mention ptc programs. Yes its true many closed down when they no longer make money or scammers and hackers penetrated their sites and "steals" money from them using "bots" and scripts and autoclickers. These site are just business entities trying to make a living. They are not out to scam anyone but if they have been scammed and lost lots of money, they will call it quits. There are successful ptc sites that help the average Joe make money too. These normally have been around for some time and have found ways to tackle the problem of scammers and hackers. People often refer to them as legits. But remember even legits can go bust too.

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So why do we bother to even talk about ptc sites? The fact is you can make money from these sites if you know the "secrets" and the rules. No "Free money" is going to fall off from the skies that easily. Of course you have to do some ground work and put in some effort. Initially you have to do alot of work, no doubt about that. But after you have picked up momentum, you will be well rewarded. Lets us not forget ptc sites also have a short life span before they are "invaded" by the more smarter computer security culprits. So again,time is of the essence here and you have to quickly move in to cash in on some money for your hard efforts. If you leave it too late well, these legit sites may become "scams" sites.

The Secrets of Earning from PTC
How to make money then from ptc programs? Many make a mistake of viewing the ads themselves and hopefully to make money big time. If you are paid only 1 cent per advertisement and you are given only 5 advertisements a day, you can only make $18.25 in a year (365days). This is taken into account that you clicked everyday without fail for a whole year!

So how do we then make money?
If you have joined any of the ptc programs before, you will know a few familiar characteristics common to all these make money programs. Firstly, they need you to click the ads for them. Secondly, they also need you to upgrade or rent referrals with your earnings. This way, they don't have to pay you the money they owe you. Thirdly, they need you to become advertisers to use up your money, again, so they they don't have to pay you the earnings you make. These 3 major facts must be kept in mind. If and when you do, then you can balance these characteristics so that every one has a "win-win" situation. If you do that, you will get paid and make some profits.

Steps to make money.
Briefly speaking, these are the steps you should follow if you intend to get paid from these ptc programs.

(1) Join a few "more secure " ptc programs. These are the ones still paying out money. I have included some here.
(2) After you have some earnings, rent or buy referrals. Or get free referrals by promoting on your blogs.
(3) Re-invest again some of your earnings by purchasing more referrals to make more money.
(4) Cashout the remaining earnings.Don't leave any money behind. If you need money, you can always put back some into the program from your paypal or Alertpay.

Here is what you can expect with just 40 referrals.
You click 10 ads per day = $0.15
40 day = $4.00
Your daily earnings = $4.15
Your weekly earnings = $29.05
Your monthly earnings = $124.50

Getting 40 referrals is fairly easy either by renting or buying. You should try to get 100 referrals or more as a start.

Programs recommended to start your make money online business which are either paying instantly or have good track record of paying big amounts are here ....

1) Neobux - most trusted paying site. Everyone joins, its a MUST! Join here.

2) Palmbux- paid instantly. Info or join them here....Palmbux.

(3) YooBux - New site- pre-launch . Already 4,000 members!

4) Buxwiz - New like Neobux, pays instant $2.00. Join here...Buxwiz

5) BpBux - brand new launch site. Can join for a start....Join.

6) Trekpay - many ads and pays weekly. Join here.... Trekpay.

7) Stablebux - Just launched, new paysite $2 cashout. Join Stablebux.

8) Donkey Mails - many levels of commission. Join Donkeymails. No Minimum Payout

9) Buxtro - NEW site -launching soon. Min. 2$ cashout.

10) Fillbux - New , started paying out.

Join at least 6 of them to get enough earnings to purchase referrals in a week or two. Better still, join all to have more money to re-invest!. So far all have been paying well and no scams detected to date.

If you have to purchase referrals, do so with only 10 referrals and monitor their click patterns. After 7 days, if none are clicking then you may have "bots". Refrain from re-cycling your referrals. If after 30 days and you are not gaining from referral activities, don't re-new and don't purchase any more referrals. Invest or re-invest into those with active referrals instead.

NOTE: You need to have Alertpay or Paypal account or both. Joining is FREE.
To join Alertpay, click here...ALERTPAY
To join Paypal, click here ......PAYPAL

Some have options for Liberty Reserve. Join FREE here... LIBERTY RESERVE.


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