I have always been an avid photographer. It's my life time hobby and I enjoy taking photos, looking at it and find ways to take even better photographs. I know you can make money with your photos but I don't know how, not until now. There are thousands of photos and it can be quite costly too. Developing and printing the photos cost me a bomb. Now enters the digital age, and it has cost me next to nothing besides the initial cost of the camera.

Digital Cameras.

Which digital camera to buy? How much and what image resolutions I needed? Its rather daunting. Most cameras nowadays have very good image quality even at 3M (mega pixels). Compact cameras even boasts up to 12 mega pixels or more at a fraction of the cost 5 year's ago.

Recently I bought one superzoom compact for around $410.00. Its a Canon SX20 IS Superzoom compact. Its big, more like a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera but it serves my purpose. Oh yes, I have a small Sony compact as well and most of my snapshots that made money for me are from this particular compact camera.

Earning Money with your Camera.
You need to know some basics in taking good photographs. Some photos will sell and some won't. Nature, landscapes, people, animals, food and wildlife are good sellers. Learn the diffferent techniques and How To Take Good Digital Photos. Read some good books or take up some short courses with ebooks.

Sell photos to sites which pay you for your photographs. Check out DigicamCash for more infos. Submit photos to social sites such as Redgage amd Mylot where they will pay you for uploading photos on their sites. I am members of both Redgage and Mylot and I have earn good money from Redgage. This site pays you with their own Redgage Visa card. I have been with Redgage for 4 months and they have paid me almost $60.00 mainly for my photo uploads.

Some good books and guides:-

Digicamcash - How to take photos and submit for cash.

Photo techniques - Take better photos and improve your skills.

Profit Photography - Start up and sell your photos.

Redgage raffles are back.

I have been quite active since the day I joined Redgage about 4 months ago. For the first 2 months I was busy uploading contents and photos. My efforts paid off when Redgage featured 5 of my photos and paid me for it. Very soon I applied for a withdrawal of my earnings. Yes, one has to reach minimum $25.00 before withdrawal is possible.

With the withdrawal of $25.00 I get to receive a debit Visa card from Redgage too!. One and a half months wasn't all that long to wait. They sent the Visa card through courier service. I was quite surprised because the last 3 debit Mastercard I received from the US was "dump" into my letterbox! But my Visa card from Redgage was handed to me personally and I have to sign for it. This ought to be the proper way to do things. Redgage done all they promise they will do. They sent me the Visa card with my earnings already credited in. Mind you, they did mentioned they will deduct a first time fee of $5.00 which they promptly did, so my balance was $20.00.

My earnings was getting sluggish because Redgage stopped the raffles! But now the raffles are back ! Raffle is an important part in earning money faster. Without it, its a bit like Google ads where your earnings built up very slowly through page-views only.

Now that the raffles are back, I have bought a new camera to take more photos to be uploaded to Redgage and write more articles for uploading. Hopefully I can win one of those daily raffles of $25.00. I have not won a single raffle in the 4 months I joined Redgage, but I am determined to win at least one, hopefully.

If you want to find out more on this amazing site, read my earlier posts on Redgage. Or better still, join Redgage for FREE and start earning money and get a Free Visa debit card too!

Find out more or join Redgage .... here.

If for some reason you do not find any referral name in the sign-up box, please add in "allan2828" as your referral.

This week I received two payments which was credited instantly into my Paypal account. The first was $5.65 from Trekpay and another from Mylot, a social network site for $10.48. Total credited for this week was $16.13. Of course I have other payments from Neobux and Palmbux as usual but smaller sums of $2.00 and $4.00, so I shall not include these in.

My payment from Mylot of $10.48 this week into my paypal.
Mylot is a paying social network site which pays you for joining in discussions.

More details or to join FREE visit this link..Mylot.

Trekpay is a profit sharing ptc site unlike other ptc. You profit share according to your rank in the profit share scheme.You are paid weekly, once you have at least $5.50. Payment is through Paypal.

More info or join FREE, go to this link..... Trekpay.

These are 2 of the trusted sites worth joining and get paid. They are also FREE to join. If you are not yet a member, join to earn some free CASH !

Scam sites latest update.

Updated new developments on PTC sites.

Today's date is 5 th. September 2009

Several, new developments have emerged on the PTC sites I recommended on the PTC make money article I posted earlier. Read below the new issues and if you have join any one of those, take caution!

Watch list.
1. Qualitybux - has received numerous complaints on Qualitybux not paying members. PTC Investigations is about to put this site under their scam lists. Forums have not been able to logged in and questions about payments not answered.

2. Tuibux - has become or maybe becoming scam. Payments are not being paidout to members. Many have requested for their money. Forums not answered, admin has not been in the forum for a long time. Renred referrals has gone missing from accounts and not replaced .

3. Beachbux - has turn scam. Not paying members.

4. Cutebux- has not been paying out. Admin is "missing". A new admin says he is trying his best but he is not the real admin. Whatever that means.

5. BuxYou - cannot log in for 2 days, whether they have gone scam is anybody's guess.

6. Bux Service has not been paying members. The forum page has been spammed with "porn ads " and vulgar posts.

7. Buxify - is changing some of their TOS, not so favourable ones.

8. Bux.net - still a scam site.

9. 10Bux - still a scam site.

10. Bux.to - still a famous scam site.

Better News.

1. BP bux- starting to launch soon.

2. Yoobux - started.

3. Buxtro - new site looks promising for the time being.

4. Fillbux - started paying but still has many bugs.

5. Neobux is still paying good.

6. Palmbux - is still paying.

7. Trekpay - still strong and paying as promised.

I went to bed and woke up the next day. Somebody paid me $4.83 last night. It was RedGage.
Now read the whole story.

What is RedGage?

RedGage is both a Social Networking site and a Social Bookmarking site. Redgage pay people for their online content that they are already doing online such as facebook, Youtube, twitter and Blogger.

RedGage pays based on the value of your content, measured by page views/popularity. They pay you for all of your blogs, pictures, videos, documents, and links. The things you are doing online, Redgage centralised all of them together and pays according to the number of page views. You get paid for visits, comments, votes and favourites.

How much will I be paid?

Well, its hard to define but they calculate based on Redgage Unique. Here is a quote of part of its payment methods.

"When you reach $25.00 in your available balance, you can withdraw your funds. You may also choose to let your earnings accumulate and withdraw funds in increments of $25.00 ($50, $75, etc). When you are ready to withdraw your money, RedGage will ask you for your contact information and send you a RedGage Visa Card. " ..end of quote.

Getting paid while I was asleep.

To better understand the effectiveness of this system, I joined 2 days ago. I updated my profile, posted my photos, upload all my blogs and my links yesterday. Within 1 hour, I had 2 friend request and 2 visitors. How much did I earn from this? My accounts page shows $0.01 cents. Its not much I know but it has started paying! I retired for bed after that.Well, uploading my profile picture can be tiring you know!

Today, I open up my Redgage account. I went to my page, I scroll down and on the right hand side I saw $4.83. Oh, darn, I am on somebody's page again. I change again to my profile page. I still see that $4.83. Strange I thought and saw my username there! What? I had 77 uploads and 27 friends? Just under that $4.83 its says I had 43 Unique Views! In just over 24 hours I earned a total of $4.83. Goodness, I had never ever earn that much in 1 day be it PTC sites, paid surveys or paid post from the time I went to bed and till now when I log in! But I did not do anything! All I did was uploading my blogs! I must tell every body about this. So here I am telling you this story.

See the proofs I have put here for yourself. You be the judge but you had better join this site I am telling you. By the way they pay you through their own debit Visa card which is faster.

Start you day now with RedGage and earn from day 1. Remember to put my referral id allan2828 ( It should be in the sponsor box already). If not just add it in.

A Social Networking site that Really Pays?

I was on my usual discussion forum at Mylot to make some internet money when something new happened and got me all excited. Don't get me wrong, Mylot is still a good discussion platform. For those of you who has no idea what Mylot does, it is basically a discussion site where you can join for free an participate in all discussions on the board. The good thing is you get paid for asking questions and commenting on other peoples discussions. It is a true paying honest site. Thousands have been paid by them through Paypal. You can join them FREE here... MYLOT.

Paying $$ thousands with 6dgr social network.

How does this social network works? Do they really pay or are they a scam site? Like any one who are sceptical, I started searching around for some payment proofs and evidence of scam. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, all I "dig" up was everybody is saying this site 6DGR is REAL and it pays. All I found was proofs after proofs and no scam articles about this site. So is this real? Can they pay out thousands to you just by getting referrals?

First, in order to join this fantastic site you need a sponsor, some one who is already a member to get in. Then you join, its totally free. This site is some what like Myspace or Facebook. Like Mylot, you can post your blogs, photos, articles and stuff like that.

Now the earning part. You just introduce or invite friends to get connected to this social site. Thats when they pay you, for every referral. 6dgr will pay you $3 for each friend that signs up directly under you and becomes Active! In addition to that, you will be paid $2 for each person that these level one friends sign up who becomes Active, AND another $1 for each person signed up by their friend's that becomes Active (and so on at $1 per level down to the sixth level)!

6dgr only makes payments into Preferred Payment Solution accounts. If you already have a qualifying savings account or a qualifying debit card account. For International Members a Paypal Premium account is required.

To get you all excited like I do, I haveposted some payment proofs below. Its FREE, just join and see those money coming in, its that simple! What is there to lose?

Remember you need a sponsor. Just click on the banners, it will take you there. You can also join here... 6DGR join.

Your Sponsor is Allan

Payment proofs.

See and read the .. FAQ

To join for FREE.... Sign up.

When we have created a blog, we need to have traffic. Sure, SEO's can do just that but time consuming. It is always nice to see massive traffic into our blogs, but it takes time and you need extremely good content in your blogs. But what if we need some traffic now? Maybe 100, 200 or even 500 visitors to your blog each day?

There are easier ways to create traffic to your sites or blogs. You can purchase traffic from traffic exchange or you can do manual traffic exchange. What manual exchange does it requires you to manually click and view adverts. And whatever credits you earn this way you can exchange for traffic to your blogs. Lets say you click enough traffic credits like maybe 200 credits. Usually each credit entitles you to 1 unique visitor. So for 200 credits, you can exchange for 200 visitors to your blog.

If you don't have the patience but you have the money, you can always buy credits in exchange for unique visitors.

Traffic exchange also entitles you to earn cash too besides credits. And when you reach the minimum, you can do a cashout to your Paypal account.

Traffic exchange is a popular and very good way to earn money and get FREE traffic to your blogs.

Here are 3 popular manual exchange sites you can try on. They also have raffles, lotteries and lucky bonuses. So what are you waiting for? Start getting some FREE traffic into your blogs or websites now!

Your 1:1 Traffic Exchange

Start Earning money and get FREE traffic.

How to make money; many have ask this question. How to make money from sites such as ptc and whether it can be one? You hear scams abound when you mention ptc programs. Yes its true many closed down when they no longer make money or scammers and hackers penetrated their sites and "steals" money from them using "bots" and scripts and autoclickers. These site are just business entities trying to make a living. They are not out to scam anyone but if they have been scammed and lost lots of money, they will call it quits. There are successful ptc sites that help the average Joe make money too. These normally have been around for some time and have found ways to tackle the problem of scammers and hackers. People often refer to them as legits. But remember even legits can go bust too.

The most trusted ptc - paid out over $10 million dollars! MUST JOIN! -click here.

So why do we bother to even talk about ptc sites? The fact is you can make money from these sites if you know the "secrets" and the rules. No "Free money" is going to fall off from the skies that easily. Of course you have to do some ground work and put in some effort. Initially you have to do alot of work, no doubt about that. But after you have picked up momentum, you will be well rewarded. Lets us not forget ptc sites also have a short life span before they are "invaded" by the more smarter computer security culprits. So again,time is of the essence here and you have to quickly move in to cash in on some money for your hard efforts. If you leave it too late well, these legit sites may become "scams" sites.

The Secrets of Earning from PTC
How to make money then from ptc programs? Many make a mistake of viewing the ads themselves and hopefully to make money big time. If you are paid only 1 cent per advertisement and you are given only 5 advertisements a day, you can only make $18.25 in a year (365days). This is taken into account that you clicked everyday without fail for a whole year!

So how do we then make money?
If you have joined any of the ptc programs before, you will know a few familiar characteristics common to all these make money programs. Firstly, they need you to click the ads for them. Secondly, they also need you to upgrade or rent referrals with your earnings. This way, they don't have to pay you the money they owe you. Thirdly, they need you to become advertisers to use up your money, again, so they they don't have to pay you the earnings you make. These 3 major facts must be kept in mind. If and when you do, then you can balance these characteristics so that every one has a "win-win" situation. If you do that, you will get paid and make some profits.

Steps to make money.
Briefly speaking, these are the steps you should follow if you intend to get paid from these ptc programs.

(1) Join a few "more secure " ptc programs. These are the ones still paying out money. I have included some here.
(2) After you have some earnings, rent or buy referrals. Or get free referrals by promoting on your blogs.
(3) Re-invest again some of your earnings by purchasing more referrals to make more money.
(4) Cashout the remaining earnings.Don't leave any money behind. If you need money, you can always put back some into the program from your paypal or Alertpay.

Here is what you can expect with just 40 referrals.
You click 10 ads per day = $0.15
40 Referrals.click.10.ads-per day = $4.00
Your daily earnings = $4.15
Your weekly earnings = $29.05
Your monthly earnings = $124.50

Getting 40 referrals is fairly easy either by renting or buying. You should try to get 100 referrals or more as a start.

Programs recommended to start your make money online business which are either paying instantly or have good track record of paying big amounts are here ....

1) Neobux - most trusted paying site. Everyone joins, its a MUST! Join here.

2) Palmbux- paid instantly. Info or join them here....Palmbux.

(3) YooBux - New site- pre-launch . Already 4,000 members!

4) Buxwiz - New like Neobux, pays instant $2.00. Join here...Buxwiz

5) BpBux - brand new launch site. Can join for a start....Join.

6) Trekpay - many ads and pays weekly. Join here.... Trekpay.

7) Stablebux - Just launched, new paysite $2 cashout. Join Stablebux.

8) Donkey Mails - many levels of commission. Join Donkeymails.
DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout

9) Buxtro - NEW site -launching soon. Min. 2$ cashout.

10) Fillbux - New , started paying out.

Join at least 6 of them to get enough earnings to purchase referrals in a week or two. Better still, join all to have more money to re-invest!. So far all have been paying well and no scams detected to date.

If you have to purchase referrals, do so with only 10 referrals and monitor their click patterns. After 7 days, if none are clicking then you may have "bots". Refrain from re-cycling your referrals. If after 30 days and you are not gaining from referral activities, don't re-new and don't purchase any more referrals. Invest or re-invest into those with active referrals instead.

NOTE: You need to have Alertpay or Paypal account or both. Joining is FREE.
To join Alertpay, click here...ALERTPAY
To join Paypal, click here ......PAYPAL

Some have options for Liberty Reserve. Join FREE here... LIBERTY RESERVE.

Quick cash, free money, easy money or whatever you want to call it, there is a new program which pays quickly and weekly. Finding it hard to believe since it is a free program, I register to find out more. What amazes me is unlike others where there are only 4 or maybe 5 ads to click, this one started with 35 ads I can easily click away. Each click is credited with either 1 credit, if you only need to visit the site, or a full 3 credits if there are adds.After click away, I got almost 145 credits! How much in terms of money I wasn't sure but its sure a lot of credits!Later after maybe 4 hours after my last visit, I went in to check my account, I had another surprise! They put up the same 35 ads again and I am qualified to click again! So I click away of course. Shame I didn't know how much my credits are worth but it was answered the next day.When I logged in, my credits were all transferred into cash points! They have credited $0.35 cents into my account! Now if I can earn $0.35 cents in just a few minutes a day, it can easily add an extra $10 - $15 into my pocket without much effort.

The cash out is $5.50 each week via Paypal.You can register for this amazing site to try out. Just go click HERE to find out more, there is nothing to lose but to earn $10 - $15 for a few minutes of clicking is welcome! Why not click here to quickly join and start making some real quick cash for FREE!

If you like paid post and writing reviews, how about getting paid to post your comments?
Yes, they pay you to join in to their forums! And you also earn referral fees as well! Since their early launch, as many as 175,000 people has taken up the opportunity to participate. If its legit and FREE, who doesn't want to join?

Two ways of getting paid from them. Either join a discussion or write small review (4 paragraphs) and get paid $2.00! The link to this , click HERE.

Again their payment is through Paypal. To get free Paypal account, click Here.

Calling all make money fans!
make money
Join me on myLot! Discuss make money and make a little money while you're at it.

Everyone knows social networking sites are fun for discussions and the like. You can make friends, join in discussions, give advice and learn new things. But do you know you can earn some money by doing what you are already doing? There is such a site, probably some of you have not come across yet. It's called MyLot. It is sort of a discussion forum and networking site. People put up new discussions, join existing ones, make friends, find out things and lots more. And every time you do that, you get paid for it!

To be able to join in a discussion you will have to be a member. Don't worry membership is free but there are rules like any other networking sites that you have to follow. The usual stuff actually. To earn more money, you can even take up tasks available to you. You can get paid for writing a review, much like paid post or you can take up other task that do not require writing skills.

Why not ask your friends to join? By doing so, you will have more topics to discuss about. The more discussions, the more money. And you will also be paid referral earnings for introducing friends. If that sounds too good to be true, then you should take a look inside. Better still, join first, remember whatever questions you raised inside the discussion room, you are paid. The membership is FREE.
Payment is by Paypal once you reach $10. If you don't have one, you can sign up for one free here at Paypal.

Get paid for joining discussions, its that simple!

Find out more on MyLot here ......

Here some payment proof :

Banner contest examples from MyLot member participation.

Want to know more? MyLot

Recommended Money Makers